How to use Insights

Sitechecker Insights turns data from all platform tools into insights. 

Here you can see the top 20 most valuable pages on the site. To define the list of these pages we import metrics from Google Search Console and Google Analytics and use a few custom metrics to calculate the potential. 

For each page, you have 3 blocks of data:

  • page metrics from Google Search Console and Google Analytics for the past 30 days;
  • how much you can grow your monthly traffic, conversion, and revenue metrics if a page is in the top 1 for all the keywords it ranks for (note that this is just an estimate of the page’s potential, not exact numbers since we don’t account for different click-through rates of keywords and the fact that the page can rarely become in the top 1 for all the keywords for which it is ranked);
  • tasks to be done on the page to improve it.

You can click on the URL row and get a list of the keywords you should work first on to increase traffic to this landing page.

Please note that you should select the type of conversions you want to track. If you don’t have a customized eCommerce module, you can track your goals. Based on the type of conversion you choose, Sitechecker Assistant will generate a list of the most valuable pages.

Important note! If you are tracking different conversions in connected Google Analytics profile, choose only conversions of a specific type in Sitechecker. Don't mix goals that track page destination and goals that track duration and so on. If you will do that, you will get non-relevant information in metrics that we calculate to measure the potential of the page.

Metrics we import from Google Search Console

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Average position
  • CTR

Learn more on how Google calculates these metrics

Metrics we import from Google Analytics if you chose eCommerce tracking

  • Sessions
  • Transactions
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Revenue

Learn more about eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics

Metrics we import from Universal Analytics if you chose goals tracking

  • Sessions
  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Goal Value

Learn more about goals tracking in Google Analytics

Custom metrics and their formulas

Potential Rank = Impressions / Average Position

Lost Clicks = (Impressions * 0.2) - Url Clicks

Lost Transactions = ((Impressions * 0.2) - Url Clicks) * Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Lost Revenue = ((Impressions * 0.2) - Url Clicks) * Ecommerce Conversion Rate * Avg. Order Value

Lost Goal Completions = ((Impressions * 0.2) - Url Clicks) * Goal Conversion Rate

Lost Goal Value = (((Impressions * 0.2) - Url Clicks) * Goal Conversion Rate) * (Goal Value / Goal Completions)

We use the value 0.2 as the default average CTR of the page on the first position in Google SERP. Backlinko research and other sources show similar data - that the first place gets about 30% of clicks. But since a huge number of searches in the search results generally go through without transitions to sites and this figure is growing every year, it is better to average it to 20%.

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