How to connect Rank Tracker to Looker Studio?

Using Rank Tracker connector for Looker Studio you can export all available data by keywords in Rank Tracker to Looker Studio and:

  1. Build your own charts, tables and reports.
  2. Combine Rank Tracker data with data from other sources.
  3. Brand and design your rank tracking reports with more flexibility.

Note! Feature to export Rank Tracker data to Looker Studio is available only for users on Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan.

1 Visit Rank Tracker and click the button Looker Studio

2 Click Authorize on the connector page

3 Allow Sitechecker to connect to your Google Account

4 Click Authorize one more time

5 Close the new tab that automatically opened after previous authorization

6 Choose the project, data set and click Connect

You have two data sets available for Rank Tracker: site-level and keyword level.

7 Click Create Report

8 Create your template

Create tables, charts, add conditional formatting, merge data with other data sources, brand your report etc.

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