How to use Site Monitoring?

1. Activate monitoring


Start monitoring the specific website by activating it on audit dashboard. If you want to start track changes for the website that hadn't crawled yet, enter domain in the form on monitoring dashboard.


2. View changes by the website


After activation our bot will start regular crawling of this website. To view changes that bot has tracked just click on button View changes


3. Receive notifications for the critical changes on email


Some of changes on the website are more important than others. We send alerts immediately about 4 events:

  • changing the robots.txt file;
  • changing http status code of pages;
  • changing the indexing status of pages in robots.txt;
  • changing the indexing status of pages (any way - via robots.txt, meta tag, x-robots-tag, password-protection on the server side).


4. Evaluate the activity of people who work with website


Monitoring report is a great way to control subordinates, freelancers or agencies who work with the website. Check how many pages were added by months, days and review events log to understand what kind of work was carried out on the site.


5. Don't allow your website be hacked


The security issues is better not to rely on luck. Monitoring report helps to react immediately as soon as you notice suspicious activity on the site.  A huge number of added/deleted pages, closing the most valuable pages from indexing or redirecting them - each of these actions can be the result of hacking the site or unfair actions of competitors. 


6. Find new content ideas by tracking competitors' websites


Your competitors are one the most valuable sources for content ideas. Track new pages on their websites and improve your content and SEO strategy.


7. Find what changes on the page had influence on rankings in SERP


Changes in title, h1 and description of the page sometimes have a big impact on amount of impressions, clicks. To understand what changes affected on the page ranking, find a point of sudden growth or fall using Google Search Console and then review in our monitoring report what changes were made on the page before this date. 

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