How Sitechecker helps get more traffic and sales

Hi, I’m Nick, and in this short guide, I’m going to show you how Sitechecker helps me get more traffic and sales for my websites. 

As you might have already guessed, Sitechecker is about checking websites. 

So, I enter my website, and Sitechecker audits over 100 different aspects of it: meta tags, broken links, redirects, HTTP code, page size, images, attributes, issues with javascript and CSS optimization. 
I get a detailed analysis and can see my site health score, the number of crawled pages, and the list of all issues, warnings, and notices that may affect my SEO score and user experience. 

Sitechecker sorts issues based on their degree of importance: critical issues are marked in red, warnings and notices in yellow and blue accordingly. I can see descriptions of the issues and instructions on how to fix them. Also, I can see all the pages affected by the issue. 

By fixing issues and warnings found by Sitechecker, I will improve my website - it will rank better and get more traffic and sales. 
I can download a branded PDF report or a CSV file to fix the issues. Also, I can share access with anyone who works with my website, and they can fix it. 
All right. A one-time audit is good, but how would I know if something critical happened to my website? To answer this question, I use Site Monitoring. It monitors my websites and shows me all the changes and updates.

For example, my developer recently released a new website version and updated the robots.txt file. The status of a few pages changed to disallow, which means that those pages would be removed from indexing. I could lose a lot of money due to this small issue. But, thanks to Site Monitoring, I detected this update and managed to fix it quickly. In a nutshell, Site Monitoring helps me check contractors who work with my website and make sure that nothing bad has happened to it. If something does happen, I can fix it straight away. 
Okay. I have fixed all of my issues and monitored my website. But how can I detect the improvement caused by these fixes and updates? 
I use Rank Tracker for that. It helps me check my most important keyword rankings. Rank Tracker parses search results and generates graphs that are not accessible on Search Console. It’s super useful since I can see trends, filter growing or descending keywords and act when necessary. 

I use a few more Sitechecker features that help me grow my websites: 
Backlink Tracker - I use it to check the status of the top links I’ve acquired. For example, I recently got a backlink, and then it disappeared a few weeks later. I noticed it had reached out to the donor, and the link was returned. Things like that happen all the time. 
On-Page Checker helps me run an in-depth analysis of certain pages on my website. It scans the page for parameters such as speed, UX score, all images check, links, vulnerabilities, and lots of other critical reviews that are important to a particular page. 

To sum it up. Sitechecker helps me: 
  • Find and fix issues with Site Audit and On-Page Checker 
  • Keep up with all website changes and updates with Site Monitoring
  • Track my most important keywords and get trends with Rank Tracker 
  • Never lose links that I have with Backlink Tracking
So, my traffic increases, and I get more sales. 
So, that was just a little preview of the main features. If you have any questions, please drop me a message at I would be happy to help and I’ll show you how Sitechecker can help you grow your websites. 
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