What should I do, if I can’t connect Google Analytics or Google Search Console?

Important note

Recently, Google Analytics made a jump to version 4 (GA4), and in July 2023 Google will remove the Universal Analytics version. If you didn’t set up a new GA4 for your website it’s time to do that now. We are excited to tell you that we have already prepared Sitechecker to this update, so you can smoothly connect all the versions of GA properties to your project.

Let's go over 2 main scenarios you might face during connecting Google Analytics to Sitechecker:

  • You see the “This account has no Google Analytics property with “yourwebsite.com” domain name.” message.
  • You are just getting started with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and you don’t have an account yet.

You see “This account has no Google Analytics property with “example.com” domain name.” message.

There can be several reasons for that, let us check out the main ones:

Your account is missing appropriate rights for the property

The first thing to check is whether you have at least View rights for this property in Google Analytics

and Full or Owner access in Google Search Console

Make sure to select an account that has all the necessary permissions both for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If you are the creator of this property, you have full access already, but if somebody shared access with you, please make sure to gain access as well by asking the owner to follow this procedure:

  • Sign in to Google Analytics.
  • Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account/property.
  • In the Account, Property (depending upon whether you want to modify permissions at the account or property level), click Account Access Management.
  • There you will see all the users with the permissions.
  • Click the user name, then add or remove permissions.
  • Click Save.
  • Test if the Analytics script is installed correctly. Visit your website a couple of times from different devices or using a VPN and check if the number of visits on the main page goes up. 
  • If it stays the same, please review your Google Analytics script implementation.

You have chosen another Google account

Really often users may mix up their accounts as sometimes there are many of them in the list. It is very important to choose the right one with the properties set up for your website that you would like to check. If you have added the wrong one by mistake, do not worry, you can connect a few Google accounts to Sitechecker and choose between them in the settings of your project.

Please note that it is not possible to connect 2 accounts at the same time, one for GA and another for GSC. One account should have the right to access both tools.

You have not provided the rights for Sitechecker.pro

After you choose which Google account you would like to connect to, there you will see a quick popup message with a request to give access to our application to see and download your GA and GSC data in order to use it for your verified websites. It is really important to put a tick on each of the requests. After you see our GIF animation as in the example below, you will need to tick the same in the new popup window that you will see after clicking on “Got it” button.

My website has no Google Analytics/Google Search Console tracking code set up yet

If you have no type of Google Analytics or GSC set up, you should go ahead and do it. This will provide you with a much better visualization of the traffic of your website and potential users that you may be losing. Here is a quick video guide on how to set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console .

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@sitechecker.pro

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