How to Use Sitechecker Credits?

Credits are the inner Sitechecker currency that can be used for buying additional features and extra tools.  

How to check your Credits balance? 

You can see your balance with your account limits. 

Also, you can see the balance in your account profile tab.  

By clicking on the "SEE BALANCE HISTORY", you will see the history of your Credits balance. 

How to top-up Credits? 

You can top-up Credits in your account profile tab by clicking on the “BUY CREDITS” button. 

What is the price of Credits? 

The current price is $1USD = 10 Credits. 
Please note that you can only use Credits to purchase Sitechecker features. You can’t exchange, sell, or send Credits to other users. 
If you have any questions or encountered an issue while using Credits, please drop us a line or use the support chat. 
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