How does Sitechecker’s pricing work?

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How does Sitechecker’s pricing work?

All the current subscription plans that are available at the pricing page have different limits for the number of websites, URLs, keywords, and backlinks you can add to the tool.

There is also a difference in the available features for each of subscription plan. In order to see the list of all the features available for a specific plan, please, navigate to our pricing page .

Let’s go over the limits we provide per account:

1. Websites (Projects)  - this indicates the total number of websites you can add to your account. 

You can add websites from different clients if you are doing SEO for them or add your competitors as a separate project to have a sneak peek at their ranking. You can always delete projects to make room for new ones, as long as it falls under the limit of your plan.

2. URLs per account - you can assign a specific number of pages to each project. 

We understand that each project is unique in a number of URLs and you can dedicate a unique number of pages to each website. This can be modified in Project Settings and if you need more pages for your other website, you can reduce the number of assigned pages from another project. Keep in mind that the number you set for URLs in your Project settings will be the maximum our bot will crawl and if your website has a higher number of pages than you assigned, some pages might get left out.

3. Keywords - they are used in Rank Tracker to help you better analyze your SERP performance.

You can add keywords to your Project and see on which position your website will be in SERP when users use this keyword in their search. We track the first 100 positions in the search engine of your choice helping to see an accurate representation of ranking.

In case multiple search engines/locations/languages/devices are chosen, it will take the appropriate number of keywords off your balance.

4. Backlinks - keep an eye on all your backlinks with Backlink Tracker.

Add or import your existing backlinks to Backlink Tracker to see statuses, types, relations of links, and much more. If at some point you would like to upgrade to a higher plan, you can do so through our Pricing page.

If you need a package bigger than available at the moment or you need a custom offer, please contact us at to get a custom plan.

Sitechecker Pricing FAQ

Refund Policy

We provide a refund of payments only for the initial payment within the first 48 hours since the subscription started.

Custom Plan

If you feel like the provided plan lacks in limits, we can create a custom plan just for you. Please let us know about your preferences and we will arrange a custom offer just for you.

Where can I find my invoices?

Invoices are sent every month right after the payment to the email that you used for your Sitechecker account. Alternatively, you can also view the history of your invoices by hovering your cursor on your email in the bottom left of any page and proceeding to the “Settings” of your account.

Full invoices with your company information can be found in your inbox. They are being sent from the payment system after a successful transaction.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes, you can do it in your Account Settings. Just hover your email in the bottom left corner and click on “Settings” in the menu that will appear. In Settings, you have the possibility to pause or continue your subscription.

Do you provide a discount for non-profit or educational organizations?

We do. To get your coupon code, please let us know about your organization in a letter to

The amount in my invoice differs from the pricing listed on Sitechecker

The amount specified on our Pricing page does not include taxes that might apply to your specific location. The price you see in the invoice is the finalized price with all taxes included.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Yes, to do so hover with your cursor over your email in the bottom left corner and click on “Upgrade”. You would have to pay the price difference if the plan you want to upgrade to has a higher price.

How do plans work on the Sitechecker platform?

We provide our app on a subscription basis. Each month on the same day, the amount required by the plan of your choice will be charged from the payment method you’ve chosen. Please be informed that if you cancel the subscription or payment fails due to insufficient funds, the service will no longer be accessible and data will no longer be collected.

What can I do if I reach the maximum limits on my plan?

The first thing you need to do is check what might be the reason behind it. Usually, you’ve assigned all the available URLs from your plan to other projects. Click on the “Sitechecker” logo in the top left corner and you will land in the Projects list where you can see details like how much of each limit is dedicated to each project and adjust the amounts in each Project Settings. After you find out the reason, you can either lower the assigned amount or upgrade to a higher package through our Pricing page.

What if I need only one type of limit and I don’t use others?

Our plan limits are connected, so we can’t leave out any elements completely. However, if you do not plan on tracking Backlinks or use Rank Tracker, we can arrange a plan that will exclude keywords and backlinks from it.

Can I pay for a subscription with Payoneer, Webmoney, or Cryptocurrency?

At the moment, we only accept card payments and PayPal. Other forms of payment are not supported.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, let us know at

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