Parameters and metrics in Rank Tracker connector for Looker Studio

Below is list of all parameters and metrics you can use for building reports after connecting Rank Tracker to Looker Studio.

Name Data type Format type Example Level
Project website URL Hyperlink Parameter universal
Project ID Text Parameter 1077539 universal
Project URL Hyperlink Parameter universal
Date Date & Time Parameter 12/08/2022 universal
Visibility Percent Metric 7.00% site-level
Indexed pages Number Metric 134 site-level
Top 1 Number Metric 0 site-level
Top 2-3 Number Metric 0 site-level
Top 4-10 Number Metric 6 site-level
Top 11-30 Number Metric 22 site-level
Top 31-50 Number Metric 7 site-level
Top 51-100 Top 51-100 Metric 12 site-level
No positions Number Metric 59 site-level
Keyword Text Parameter google data studio templates keyword-level
Search engine Text Parameter Google keyword-level
Country Text Parameter USA keyword-level
City Text Parameter null keyword-level
Device type Text Parameter Desktop keyword-level
Created Date & Time Parameter 24/11/2021 keyword-level
Updated Date & Time Parameter 12/08/2022 keyword-level
Group Text Parameter Data Studio keyword-level
URL Hyperlink Parameter keyword-level
Target URL Hyperlink Parameter keyword-level
Ranked URL = Target URL Text Parameter True keyword-level
SERP features Text Parameter Adwords (Bottom), Adwords (Top), Knowledge Panel keyword-level
Volume Number Metric 720 keyword-level
CPC Currency Metric $20.20 keyword-level
Position Number Metric 24 keyword-level
Potential Rank Number Metric 30 keyword-level
1 day Number Metric 0 keyword-level
7 days Number Metric 12 keyword-level
30 days Number Metric -1 keyword-level
90 days Number Metric 25 keyword-level
All time Number Metric 37 keyword-level
Best Position Number Metric 2 keyword-level
Best Position Date Date & Time Parameter 12/08/2022 keyword-level
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