Connecting your GA and GSC accounts

We recommend connecting your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to your projects. 
Google Search Console data will help you track your website visibility rate in Google SERP. 
Here is an example of a report you will get after finishing GSC integration and adding keywords to Rank Tracker.

With the data from your GA and GSC accounts, we generate a few more useful visual reports and dashboards in the Dashboard section. 
You can connect your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts while setting up your project. 

Also, you can connect your accounts from your project settings or the Dashboard section. 

To add your account you need to grant access to 

Then choose your Google Search Console account for the project. 
During the Google Analytics setup, please choose your account, resource, and view.

If you have any issues while connecting your GA and GSC account, please drop us a message at 

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