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What Rank Tracker can do?

Rank Tracker helps you to track your performance over time by collecting ranking statistics for keywords you specify for your project.

Pro tip: Add a lot of keywords to get a better understanding of your ranking, use branded keywords, as well as possible keyword variations.

How does Rank Tracker work?

Rank Tracker parses the SERP by using the keyword in question and checking on which position your website will land.

How can I double-check the data in Rank Tracker?

We definitely understand that SERP might be different for each person, even if you are using incognito mode. Since we collect data in a controlled environment, we also include a snapshot of SERP during the last position collecting.

You can access it by clicking on any keyword of your choice first and the “Keyword SERP statistics” window will appear.

After that, click on the “View snapshot” button in the top right corner to see how SERP looked like at that moment when the data was collected.

Can keywords be organized?

Sure. We provide an option to group keywords for easier navigation.

Here is how you can group keywords:

2. Select a bunch of keywords you want to group and click on the “Group” symbol, as shown on the screenshot: 

4. Press on “Confirm” to finish.

What period of time does Rank Tracker cover?

Rank Tracker starts collecting information from the moment the keywords were added to the project and keeps tracking it until you delete the keyword/project in question.

Keep in mind that if the subscription is terminated Rank Tracker stops collecting data after some time and it will not be available if you resubscribe to one of the plans.

How to track my ranking for a couple of different countries at the same time?

First, you need to create a duplicate project with the same website as yours (make sure to assign only 1 page in Site Audit settings so it will not eat up your URL limit).

When you make it to Rank Tracker settings, make sure to assign parameters for a different country and keywords you want to track.

After that, you need to click on “Finish” and wait for data to be collected.

This way you can switch between projects and see how your website performs in different countries.

Why Rank Tracker is showing 0 instead of my ranking?

We cover only the first 100 positions of SERP. If your website is out of the first 100 positions for the keyword in question, you will see a “0” in Rank Tracker.

My ranking is acting weird. It's jumping up and down in positions.

Sometimes you might find strange data in Rank Tracker, like certain keywords going up and down 50 positions all week. This is normal that certain search engines, Google to be exact, sometimes act this way and create ranking waves. The most common reasons for such behavior are the following:

1. Tech issues on the search engine side.

2. Minor change in the ranking algorithm.

Such instances might go for a few days or a week but then stabilize on the actual ranking data. 

99. If I change Rank Tracker settings, will I lose my current ranking information?

Yes, if the configuration of Rank Tracker has changed, the tracking starts from scratch, and old data will no longer be accessible.

I added the keywords, but my ranking is not showing.

Give it some time. Usually, it takes a couple of hours to collect the initial information. After this initial period, the ranking will update every 24 hours.

How to track my competitors on the Sitechecker platform?

First, you need to create a project with the website of your competitor (make sure to assign only 1 page in Site Audit settings so it will not eat up your URL limit) and when you make it to “Rank Tracker settings”, assign the exact same location parameters and keywords as in your main project.

After that, you need to click on “Finish” and wait for data to be collected.

This way you can switch between projects and see how your competitors stack up to your performance in SERP ranking.

How do GSC suggestions work?

GSC suggestions is the list of high potential keywords from Google Search Console you don't monitor in Rank Tracker yet. This list helps you to expand the list of important keywords you are interested to monitor every day.

This button will work if you connected your Google Search Console account to the project in Sitechecker. Here is an example how the list of suggestions looks like. 

The list of suggestions will be updated each time you click on the button GSC suggestions. If you added some of the keyword suggestions one time they won't appear again the next time when you click on the button.

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